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He Instructs!

“I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.”

Psalm 16:7

I remember the first day I was at a new school in England, the headteacher assigned a teacher’s assistant just to be with me for couple of days, so that she can orientate me to the school. She would take me around the school giving me instructions about each area, what things were and introduce me to people. To be honest everything she said I believed blindly because whatever she named or said i had no prior knowledge about and whatever she said was the truth to me.

Much like this scenario is when the Lord Jesus gives us his counsel. He speaks to us constantly guiding our hearts, instructing us in the day and even at night when our mind and body are less active, he speaks right into our hearts. We always have a choice whether to do or not do what the Lord is instructing, however considering how his counsel is never faulty, following his voice in every situation is the wisest choice.

So then, how do you follow his counsel? What should your heart’s attitude be? We should follow him like a gullible child, because whatever he speaks we ought to take it as the truth and believe him blindly. We must realise that whatever counsel he gives it is the truth and it is ALWAYS for our WELFARE!



I believe in the counsel of the Lord and I choose to follow his instructions

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