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MUST Forgive!

So my heavenly Father will also do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother or sister from your heart.

Matthew 18:35

When I read this truth it was a shock BECAUSE the Lord Jesus said this. We are all acquainted with how Jesus as the lamb of God, merciful, slow to anger, submissive to the will of God and died on a cross naked but when he speaks a truth that is hard to chew, being human sometimes we reject his words.

If you come with unforgiveness before God, it is like a criminal coming in front of a judge holding people as hostage in chains. How can the judge forgive the criminal if he is unrepentant going to murder the hostages? Likewise when God sees us does he see people we are holding hostage in our heart? Are there people that we are holding grudge against and not forgiven?

Today, when Jesus looks at us will he see us with chains that are abandoned?


There is no way around this my friend, unless you let go of the trespass of others against you, your sins will not be forgiven (this is what we pray every day in the Lord’s prayer). Unforgiveness in our heart will stand as a blockage to forgiveness from God, will block our healing and blessings. Let us today let go of all bitterness that is weighing us down in Jesus's name! Amen!

MEDITATE/KNOW/IMAGINE CONSTANTLY - I forgive everyone who has wronged me

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