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The Cure for spiritual dryness?

For neither herb nor poultice cured them,

but it was your word, O Lord, that heals all people.

Wisdom 16:12

Sometimes in the morning when you look in the mirror you might notice that your lips and skin look dry since you had been dehydrated while sleeping the long hours of the night. Your body needs water to survive; you might be able to survive more than a month without food but to survive without water more than 3 days will result in catastrophic health issues.

You spirit longs for God and there is nothing in the world that can replace or give us comfort to fill the gap in our soul for God - only Jesus can truly satisfy our inner most being!

The words of Jesus are Spirit and Life. His words are the waters that can quench our thirst. If in the natural we can survive minimal hours without water then how much more do we need the water that Jesus can provide for our spirit?

The word of God has power to heal our spiritual dryness. I want to encourage each one of us like many blog pages on this website to meditate on the word of God because our healing is not through herb or medicine but by the words of our Lord Jesus both the fresh rhema word that He speaks to us directly and also the written down logos word.

MEDITATE/KNOW/IMAGINE CONSTANTLY - I receive the healing of the Word of God

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